The Pressure Times - August 2013

Quantima, Science Fiction Technology here and now!

No gearbox and no contact, just a single moving part spinning suspended in a magnetic field.

There is something about defying gravity that captivates us.  The Quantima Compressor family from CompAir is the real world experience of that.

It uses magnetic bearings that keep the impeller suspended in midair much in the same way as Luke Skywalker’s speeder.  Although magnetic lift has been around for a number of years, its application to a centrifugal compressor is relatively new.  In the Quantima, the compressor shaft is literally hovering without touching anything!  Its centrifugal impellers are opposite to each other as to cancel the longitudinal reactions thus balancing the forces.  An onboard series of sensors balance the rotor for dynamic loads such as surge and speed variation. 

The fact that there is no friction, means no wear of parts and no change in the compressor’s performance over time.   If this weren’t’ enough, this baby has a variable speed technology that matches output to requirement, thus minimizing off-load running.  Couple all this with: impressive hi-tech controllers and software, oil free technology, stainless steel coolers, zero loss drains, acoustic canopy and only two seals and you have what I believe is the perfect compressor. 

Onboard sensors and computers continually adjust the minimum and maximum rpms on the compressor according to atmospheric conditions.  The computer also regulates the speed to avoid cavitation, choking and dampens surges.  The Quantima has the lowest ever off-load power consumption of just 2.5% of full load power!

In all, with the Quantima you can save at least 25% in energy, which is a lot considering that 82% of the compression cost comes from energy consumption.  If you need a lot of clean air such as in the beverage or high-tech industry, this is the only compressor you should have.  Call us for a free brochure.  We will be happy to make a presentation for you.

There is simply no other compressor in the market that resembles the theoretical efficiencies as close as this compressor.


Parts in Stock for you  +  Preventive Maintenance = Increased Compressor Reliability

If you depend on your compressor running 24/7, you definitely need to give us a call BEFORE it shuts down.  Our commitment will be to have the most critical parts in stock for your compressor so in case of a shutdown; we have the parts already in stock, thus avoiding you to rent a compressor while waiting for parts.  If this sounds like a money saver to you, contact us so we can work on your strategic parts stock for your compressor and for a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan so we can avoid failure altogether.



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