High Pressure Air Compressor - Reavell H5217-H5236

  • Two stage
  • Water-cooled for pressures from 150 to 580 psig
  • Capacities from 45 to 185 CFM

High Pressure Compressed Air and Gas Solutions

  • CompAir is recognized as a world leader in the application and manufacture of compressor systems, dedicated to delivering excellence in innovation design and quality. For over 100 years its reputation has been based on a simply philosophy, find out what the customer wants, then exceed it.

Features & Benefits

  • Feature: Intake filter/silencer with replaceable element
  • Feature: 90° Vee configuration for excellent balance
  • Feature: Built-in inter and afterstage coolers
  • Feature: Low lift concentric valves
  • Feature: Direct valve access
  • Feature: Low piston speed
  • Feature: Oil and moisture separators with automatic drainage
  • Feature: Forced lubrication system with oil pump, filter and relief valve
  • Feature: Corrosion rod in water jacket
  • Feature: World-wide after sales and service
  • Benefit: Reduced wear, excellent reliability, longer life, simple maintenance and extended service intervals
  • Feature: Final delivery non-return valve
  • Feature: Water Cooling from closed radiator circuit or mains (fresh or sea water)
  • Feature: Flange coupled or vee belt drive
  • Feature: Electric motor or diesel engine drive
  • Feature: TEFV electric motor with flame and explosion proof options
  • Feature: Anti-vibration mounts for industrial and captive marine applications
  • Feature: Meets all major survey and certification requirements, world-wide
  • Benefit: Quick installation and simply configured to your site and user requirements
  • Feature: Safety valves on all stages
  • Feature: High air temperature cut-out switches and gauges
  • Feature: Final delivery air temperature gauge (optional on H5217)
  • Feature: Low oil pressure cut-out switch and gauge
  • Feature: Oil sight level glass
  • Feature: Pressure gauge on each stage
  • Feature: Controlling air pressure switch
  • Feature: Bursting disc in water jacket
  • Benefit: Complete machine protection and instrumentation

Applications include

  • Air blast switchgear
  • Breathing air
  • Motion compensation systems
  • Engine start
  • Dockyard services
  • Gas compression
  • Press accumulator charging
  • Plastic bottle blowing
  • Can forming
  • Test rigs
  • Tire remolding