Rotary Screw Air Compressor - Gardner Denver L Series 7kw to 22kw

  • 7kw - 22kw
  • Capacity at 100 to 150 psig
  • Small installation space required, rugged steel base
  • Compact – small installation space required; rugged steel base
  • Compressor control – auto dual is standard. Includes timer for the start-stop mode and Comp-Air efficient modulating inlet valve for the continuous run mode.
  • Electrical system - Wye-delta magnetic starter and 24 volt controls. NEMA 4/12 electrical enclosures.
  • Receiver / Oil Reservoir with Oil Separator – vertical design save space; generous size keeps lubricant turns to a minimum to increase life of lubricant.
  • Without Housing – ideal for use in protected areas.
  • CompAir ROTARY SCREW AIR END - Oil injection system designed for efficient, energy saving operation. Long life bearing arrangement. Rotor sealing strips increase efficiency. Exclusive plate type inlet valve-in-the-cylinder design improves efficiency due to minimum restriction and increased area. (75SS & larger)
  • AUTOMATIC RECEIVER PRESSURE RELEASE - allows no-load starting and reduces energy use at start-up.
  • CompAir SSL-50 LUBRICANT - polyalphaolefin based lubricant formulated to Garner Denver specifications.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - serviced components are readily accessible; Air Monitor ASC indicates when compressor needs service.
  • COMPRESSOR DRIVE - Standard NEMA T-frame motor connects through a resilient coupling to the air end.
  • CONTROL PANEL - Air Monitor ASC the complete, easy to use controller provides all the data needed to keep you informed of the compressor’s condition. It shows current overloads, temperature, rotation, filter running hours and even checks the condition of the probes.
  • AFTERCOOLER – Reduces discharge air temperature to within 15_F (-9C) of ambient on air cooled models and to 10F (-12C) of water temperature with water cooled models. A moisture separator is included and shipped loose. Helps reduce your dryer load.