Refrigerated Air Dryer - CompAir CHP Series

  • High Pressure Refrigerated Dryer
  • 30 to 3,000 cfm
  • Dew points of 38°F

Benefits and Uses

  • Designed for 725 psig operation, industries like the PET blow molding, injection molding, aeronautical valve testing, and pharmaceutical packaging that require dry and filtered compressed air can now rely on a high pressure refrigerated dryer to accompany their air system. A carefully engineered high pressure refrigerated dryer design provides a reliable method to remove moisture as a water vapor while optional, yet highly recommended coalescing filters remove solid particles, liquid water droplets, liquid oil and oil vapors from the compressed air system.

Dew Points of 38°F

  • Moisture (water vapor) is present in ambient air as a gas and cannot be filtered. A stainless steel plate heat exchanger designed for high pressure compressed air teams with a self-regulating, environmentally friendly refrigeration system to ensure design dew point.