Air Compressor Accessories

  • CompAir Filters

    CHF Series – High pressure filters from 480 up to 28,380 SCFM CAF Series – Compressed Air Filters from 20-21,250 CFM
  • CompAir Mist Eliminators

    CME Mist Eliminators protect products and processes from contamination and increases the life of pneumatic equipment.
  • CompAir Condensate Drains

    The CMD Series are level actuated, pneumatically operated, zero-loss, automatic condensate liquid drain devices for use in discharging collected liquid from a compressed air system. It is recommended that the CMD Series drains are used with air receivers, drip legs, aftercoolers, separators, dryers, and filters.
  • CompAir Oil/Water Separators

    CompAir is setting the standard in condensate management products with the introduction of the CCSD and CCSE Series of oil/water separators. Both of these products are designed for 24 hour continuous heavy duty use. CCSD and CCSE both operate effectively in 90°F at 90% RH summertime conditions.
  • LeROI Gas/Oil Reserves

    All LeROI Gas / Oil Separator tanks are ASME, full vacuum coded stamped LeROI. Please contact us for pricing
  • Gardner Denver Quick-Lock & Big-Lock Aluminum Tubing

    Total solutions for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas systems